Anchors Away

Sail Away with me bracelet

ok, that is not a crayon name. i actually received this bracelet a few weeks ago but forgot to put it up.  the nautical thing may be a trend but i think this bracelet is timeless. it really dresses up a t-shirt and jeans. this is my second purchase from Anne and i have been happy with every single one! Visit her shop for more unique goodies.



All of these pics were totally stolen from Creative Loafing because my phone takes awful pictures.

Finally, getting back into the grind of things. Not fun. Some of it is fun but I miss people cleaning my room daily and doing my laundry. On the bright side I got to see Young the Giant and Flaming Lips Saturday night. Q magazines says The Lips are one of the "50 bands to see before dying". Yes, I must agree with this statement. "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah". Get it? No? According to Wayne Coyne you don't need too. Just sing along even if you don't know the fucking words. Make something up and sing it fucking loud! All the confetti, balloons, laser and projection screens. You really have to experience it.

Hubby and I sitting during Young the Giant performance. 



While I was in Germany I attempted to keep up this blog with no success and alas I deleted my previous post.  I've always wanted to travel overseas and was really excited to take this trip. Before Drew proposed to me I had gotten pretty far in the Peace Corps selection process. I was probably going to be placed in Morocco. After being in Germany for a month I am certain that I would have bitched, moaned and complained the entire time I would have spent in the Corps. But I would have gotten over it. I could live in Germany I would just prefer not to. The trip was great I am am very thankful that I got the opportunity. My only complaint is that all of Europe seems to look the same. I know I only saw three countries but really--the same. Here are some highlights or lowlights whichever you prefer.