Disclaimer: This is a very late post because sometimes I forget I have a blog.

On January 30th I turned 30.  And I feel fine.  I feel great actually. I've never understood the craze surrounding the beginning of this decade of life.  I don't think wisdom comes with age.  It comes with experience, however people assume that when you turn 30 you should--know stuff.  Life should be figured out by now and you should know where you're going or maybe you're already there.  I don't think I've learned everything I will ever encounter but here are a few lessons I've picked up along the way to 30.

1. When an idiot tries to give you more money or charge you less don't try and be honest with them--just take it and try and pay it forward later.  Trying to rectify the situation will only cause much more confusion, get a manager involved who is also confused as to why you are trying to give money back and make your fellow store patrons angry at you for holding the line.

2. However, honesty is always the best policy.  Never try and avoid hurting someone's feelings.  People are always so touchy about their feelings (in my John Malkovich voice). Just remember when someone asks for your unsolicited candid advice--give it.  If you don't and they make some stupid decision based on your  inability to answer a question directly and honestly.  They will blame you.