Banana Mania

ok--i've been slacking here and need to get my blog together. there have been a few things i have been meaning to cook for a while and like this blog have some how gotten forgotten. i think that if i fuse the two forgotten things they will be remembered and i will do them. maybe. i've been meaning to try my hand at chocolate braised short ribs and coffee rubbed steak for some time now. i will do this. as well as some vegatarian dishes, squid salads, experimentations with gourmet salts and some homemade gelato. i like to eat. so in the coming weeks get ready cause i'm about to get to cooking!


Atomic Orange

drew's deep blue astral and my light blue stohlquist
ok those aren't very orange but we will wear them regardless! i have been wanting to kayak for some time. it seems like a fun way to get my abs working. we paddled a canoe a while back but i really wanted to try my hand at the kayak thing. we haven't invested in actual boats yet because i am not sure if i will really like it. we did however invest in what i think are expensive life vests. so i can partially like it. i think i will enjoy this though. tomorrow morning i will conquer lake pinnacle!