Navy Blue or How Pinterest Works

I promised myself the next time I decided to blog it would be recipes--but alas it is not.  I have been super busy over the summer trying to decide what to do with my career and how to organize/beautify/simplify my house and life. I have decided to begin my educational journey once again. That first degree in psychology (cue the laughter) didn't work out too well. It got me a job in insurance and from there I lost my job in insurance when the business closed due to the owners retirement and gained (what I woefully thought) was a much better job in insurance. Boy, did I think wrong. It was a horrible job for a company that uses 20 year old software and have filed for bankruptcy at least twice. I quit. I am going back to school for Health Information Management. Now on to the house! I have been slowly trying to decorate this house and it is by far a haughty task to undertake. I have a fear (the same fear that I had about my wedding) that it will look a Tim Burton movie threw up on my house.