a word about my post titles

i am horrible at titling things. my creative outlet ends there. it begins long before though. somewhere at the very beginning of main street and all the way over to 1st and 3rd. it looms at 7th avenue and takes a sharp left before coming to a screeching halt at...title. oh, the dreaded title. it is what grabs, you, my audiences' attention. captivates you and makes you want to read further. so here i am sitting on some little back alley. pondering. crayola! yes. i will title my blog post with crayola crayon names. in alphabetical order of course. this will save me much headache and with over 100 colors can go on for quite some time. so when you read my post and wonder why the title is "aquamarine", "lapis lazuli" or "fuzzy wuzzy" you will know why.

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