Jungle Green

it seemed to take forever. it seemed to be rushed. i keep finding imperfections. but the house is ours! not technically because we have a mortgage but ya know. im anxious because things aren't all in their places and we aren't completely unpacked yet but it is coming along.  we spent all of last weekend driving from furniture store to furniture store trying to find a bedroom suite for the master. i decided to defer our current bed to one of the guest rooms which unfortunately we have to sleep in--read on. so, after about 5 hours of non-stop furniture snooping we gave up and drove to the charlotte ikea in search of the hemnes chests and the lillesand bed. they had the chests, no nightstands, and no bed :( NO BED TIL DECEMBER! ok, so i want this bed i luuuv this bed. reminds me of beds in my grandmothers house (those were the real things though. of which my sister still has 3 and offered. unfortunately they are too small.) enough with beds back to chests. we bought both chests and they fit in the kia. yea!! not assembled. my husband is so handy. and look mr. trevor wants to help too! i think the ikea furniture was a pretty good deal considering it is solid pine. it should hold up for a good six months. i kid, i kid.

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  1. i agree. i think it was fate that i didnt settle on a set. i really didnt want to wait on the lillesand but i have to :( we probably wont be able to sleep in our room until next spring. hopefully sooner though. i may look else where. we both really want an iron bed.