Navy Blue or How Pinterest Works

I promised myself the next time I decided to blog it would be recipes--but alas it is not.  I have been super busy over the summer trying to decide what to do with my career and how to organize/beautify/simplify my house and life. I have decided to begin my educational journey once again. That first degree in psychology (cue the laughter) didn't work out too well. It got me a job in insurance and from there I lost my job in insurance when the business closed due to the owners retirement and gained (what I woefully thought) was a much better job in insurance. Boy, did I think wrong. It was a horrible job for a company that uses 20 year old software and have filed for bankruptcy at least twice. I quit. I am going back to school for Health Information Management. Now on to the house! I have been slowly trying to decorate this house and it is by far a haughty task to undertake. I have a fear (the same fear that I had about my wedding) that it will look a Tim Burton movie threw up on my house.
The living room, office, bedrooms and dining room may all be destined to be filled with Tim Burton puke. I have learned to accept this as I realize I have the decorating skills of a 7 year old or a 20 year old meth addict. I just randomly grab at whatever I like in the store. "Oh, look at that! I think I fancy that! I will take it!!". I give no regard as to whether or not said item will match anything else I have curated. I do not care.
ModCloth Bookends

She was just so damn irresistable! I bought the bookcase from Target online.
I hate the color. It was delivered. Didn't want to haul it to a store
so I kept it.

World Market Clocks

I can't link all 3 clocks. But they are still on
sale! Hurry! If you have World Market
coupons you can take an additional 10-15% off
the sale price. I'd been eyeing these clocks
for some time!

ModCloth Prints

These prints helped me from deciding to stencil
the walls in this room.  I don't think that sentence makes
sense. I got these prints to add
interest to the walls. Finding the frames
was a daunting task. 
 On to how Pinterest ties into all this. And I chose Navy Blue because of the nautical theme of the pillow. Although, I am not a big fan of the whole nautical theme.  I just like the pillow. Actually, I went in for an octopus pillow (I hate octopuses. They kind of freak me out but I love them expressedly in art form). Ok, I pinned a picture on Pinterest of some hanging plates
 I am going to hang plates in the dining room and this is a great idea!
I clicked the link and it took me here and what do I find after 3 days of stalking this website? That it is right here in SC!! So, I drive to the studio and picked up the awesome pillow and matches you see below. Yes, the whales and peacock are match boxes! Also, in the picture with the matches is my new fave home scent! Scent is super important to me. It evokes memories and emotions and can be powerful, this I am overly cautious of how I scent my home. I plan on turning my love of scent into a little hobby soon and start some perfuming! The bottle is not from Knack but Carolina Home and Garden but you can also order online here. It is scent No17 and don't let the lemons fool you it is not overly citrusy. The neroli and cardamom tone it down a lot! I don't like cheap cheesy scents and this is NOT one. I just wish it came in a warming oil.

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