Fun with Rustoleum

I got this idea from Pinterest (my new fave obsession). Seemed simple enough and I love the look of oil rubbed bronze. I didn't hate the look of our old fixtures and chrome is pretty much a sure thing as far as trends go.
My taping off skills could use a little work

I took to my local Home Depot and for about $15 I got paint and primer (I also picked up a red paint I couldn't resist. More about that in moment) which isn't bad considering I think the contractors who built our home just spray the fixtures when you upgrade to oil rubbed bronze and charge $900 for it! All those newspapers stacked in the garage for recycling came in handy! It takes this stuff 20 minutes to dry so one side must be completed at a time.

I was a bit anxious so this part was cruel for me. We started the priming with the fixture still attached then well that just seemed like a bad idea. The results turned out great!
The flash would not cooperate. I know it looks black but it isn't.
I even painted the tissue holder! It is in the midst of drying so no pictures :-(   I may continue this little love affair in our master bath. Maybe.

Back to the red paint. I got a bright idea in the paint aisle of Home Depot. PAINT THE CHANDELIER IN THE DINING ROOM! 
So I did. I must admit I kind of hated it before.
Kind of blah, right?
I climbed a ladder and started priming the chandelier (with a drop cloth in place) and didn't notice that is was settling EVERYWHERE! Drew noticed. Thank God! So, I took this little project outdoors. 
Here is the paint. Universal Metallic in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Painter Touch in Colonial Red.

Go try it!

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